False Leg.

Ah, you like the feel of wood? Of steel?

You like that I have a prosthesis? You like `Crash'? by JG Ballard? You find the evocation of a disability sexy? Then the good news is that we all use prosthetics - you have one too...

We tend to think of prosthetics as things which replace bodily functions that we have lost. However the prosthetic primarily exaggerates or replaces a bodily function.

To give it a linguistic spin, the prosthetic takes a bodily desire, transforms it into the technical embodiment of the verb of that desire, and exaggerates it. `I run' is exaggerated into the technical prosthetic of the automobile. `I look' becomes a telescope, `I fuck' becomes a dildo and so on.

The Computer Prosthetic.

This is straight forward when the prosthetic is clearly a bodily extension, but becomes more complicated with the advent of the computer, which I call a `logic' prosthetic, because, as bodily prosthetics exaggerate (and to some degree replace) the desire of the body, so the logic prosthetic can exaggerate the desires of the mind (the logical and ordering as well as the libidinal), and have a corresponding effect on the way we think about and construct our personality.

But a computer isn't a prosthetic, it's a machine!
How do we construct our personalities then?
Please justify this linguistic stance!