The Series that is not One.

As Deleuze  points out in `The Meaning of Sense', the apparently singular and linear series is always a duality or more. This follows from Freges'  paradox; if I look, as I must, for a words definition, then I am looking at a term or terms which themselves must be defined. This may seem a common-place, but it raises two more interesting points... Deleuze: 20th C French Poststructural Philosopher.
Frege: 19th C German Mathematician and Philosopher of Mathematics.
1. The first is that meaning is a point in flux that is always circulating within and around the series without ever belonging to the terms within it; that is meaning is independent of (es)sense and therefore renders the series as horizontal, a plateau rather than a definition.

2. The Series always has an `empty space' implied at it's head, a blank area that is open to re-articulation, a place where another term or definer can sit or a new and startling event may take place. In Deleuze this event can become the domain of `nonsense', which becomes not the absence of sense, but that which is outside sense and yet transformative, the area for a paradigm shift. This re-articulation is the beginning of his ideas that come to fruition in his later writings with Guatarri, resulting in the infamous `becoming other', and `rhizomatics', which we will come to in due course.

The Arse-Fuck of Ideas.

The very important thing about this theory of series and meaning is that the apparently unitary series is always (at least) a twin; the terms and their definitions must present two series that oscillate together.

This implies that all concepts held in language have a relationship to another concept, itself open to rearticulation and held in a horizontal plane with the first; the singular is always multiple, and meaning always circulates somewhere else. In this sense it is possible and enlightening to provide two arbitrary series of terms and see what happens , how one affects each other within a common `basin of attraction' or plateau; a kind of conceptual Petrie dish, or, as Deleuze might say, `an arse fuck'. We will have to take in a bit of Chaos Theory along the way...
Self and Network get together

In the context of this essay, the definitions of `self' elide with those of the `network', the new paradigm of techno-social culture. We will consider both series, and their bastard children...

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Deleuze on Miscreation...

"What got me through that period was conceiving of the history of philosophy as kind of arse-fuck, or, what amounts to the same thing, an immaculate conception. I imagined myself approaching an author from behind and giving him a child that would indeed be his but would nonetheless be monstrous."
(Deleuze 1990)

A plateau is a piece of land that is raised and flat?
|How can we `elide' a person and a system?
A brief Primer on Chaos...