Feel the lash of your own whip...

Each of us has a whip, the expression of an inner fascist that we take to ourselves.

A statement can be a whip, a way of thinking about ourselves that keeps us in line; `I am like this' is a whip disguised as personality.

A whip keeps the animal in order, it's a stimulant that excites, wounds and corrects. A whip can be as large as the world, as small as a microbe.

The Whip Limit.

A whip is a prosthetic exaggeration of `I claw', or `I punish' or `I keep in line'.

A whip can be an abstract prosthetic, a repressive, self-taught, action supported by the socius: a failure to explore beyond the first term in the series of yourself.

A prosthetic? What do you mean?
What is the `series of myself'?