London Rising

'London Rising' is an exciting series of action-adventure novellas about a bunch of feisty orphans. It's set in a alternative London in 1947 where England have lost the war and are waiting to be invaded by Germany.

The series starts with the invasion of England by the Nazis and finishes with the orphans pretty much winning the war by stealing atomic rocket plans from inside Germany. On the way they breakout of prison, find the resistance on the Norfolk Broads, are interred for experiments in Bletchly park, are adopted by members of German High Command, break into Berlin and finally make their way to America. It's a long journey for a bunch of kids who thought the best they would get out out of life was the chance to be garderers or porters.

For the 8-12 childrens audience. Each piece is around 15,000-18,0000 words. I have written four and the whole series will come out around 10 books.

Download book one The Walthamstow Reds [PDF].

The Walthamstow Reds

The Tunstall twins, Toby and Esme, live in an orphanage in Walthamstow, London. They learn that their headmaster has been keeping the progress of the war a secret from them. Toby thinks that he is hding an even bigger secret and aims to find out what it is.

Download book one The Walthamstow Reds [PDF].

We Fight Back

The Germans have invaded London and their headmaster has fled leaving the orphans to run their own house. The orphans decide they have to do something to stop the germans thinking they will have everything their own way and plan a very public act of resistenace.

Stalag E17

The germans build a wall around Walthamstow and everyone but the orphans are told to leave. A thousand children join the orphans inside the wall and they realise they are trapped inside a huge prison. Their old headmaster makes a surprise reappearence.