Self Intra Network (SIN)

This was my first hybrid hypertext/critical essay. It's about the notion of self under the sign of the network as we would say back in those days. It started as a 1500 word essay and ballooned out to around 10,000 words.

It seemed to me at the time that hypertext was the perfect medium for exploring such slippery concepts of self. Hypertext itself creates one of the self-states very well, that of anxiety. The readers experience in hypertext, particulalry in pieces asporing to be essays, is one of uncertainty - Am I in the right place? Is this as good as the writing gets? amd, at least in an academic institution there is a big challenge placed at the feet of the one assessing it. This starts from the simple have I read all this work? through to the more complex questions around how to assess the logic of argument if there are many paths that exist and therefore multiple logics.

It was a joy to write. Of course the coding is rudimentary and everything is done by hand in tables (shudders) but because it is done in plain old html it survives very well and in still readable in any browser many years later.

It's also a bit dirty in places, all encouraged by Delueze's risque and very non PC quote which is worth repeating here: "What got me through that period was conceiving of the history of philosophy as kind of arse-fuck, or, what amounts to the same thing, an immaculate conception. I imagined myself approaching an author from behind and giving him a child that would indeed be his but would nonetheless be monstrous."