The Rabbit King

A drama about the complications of wanting a simple life.

Stage drama, full length, 2f, 3m

Simon is getting the hell out of town. He's pulling the plug on his marriage, his business and his busy life as a film producer.

On the spur of the moment he hops in his Discovery and drives down to Taumaranui, the small town where he was born, and takes up residence in the empty family home in an effort to 'de-shit' himself.

This puts him back in the orbit of his brother, Rabbit, who never left. Things start to get complicated when they can't agree what to do with the family home. Rabbit wants to sell to fund a dodgy venture, Simon wants to keep it and learn to 'be still'.

Simon's daughter, a survivalist, moves in, then Simon's business starts to fall apart just as he is learning some challenging facts about his beloved father. When Simon falls in love with a local with a past that everyone but him seems to know about life in the small town get's very complicated indeed.

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