Things we left behind

A hypothetical drama about the radicalisation of a good white middle class family who have had leave London and live in a refugee camp.

Stage drama, 2f, 4m

When IS stage an uprising in London the Brookes have ten minutes to pack and leave their North London home. Arriving in a refugee camp in the Borders area of Scotland, they are put in a tent and told to make the best of things.

Over the next year they try to make the best of things, but events inside the camp continue to throw their lives in turmoil. One child runs away to join the BNP to fight IS, the other is trapped in circumstances beyond her control and faces hard moral choices - what's more important, her freedom or the family's basic well being?

Mary and John, the parents, are forced to confront their assumptions about what is important and they find that their old value system of progressive liberalism is not going to work. They must decide whether they are going to sit and rot or contribute to a dangerous cause.

This play is about how people are pushed into more radical, less 'acceptable' moral positions when their circumstances change for the worse.