A black comedy of sexual manners.

Lamama Theatre, Melbourne, 2000
The Curong Theatre, Canberra, 2000

From the reviews

"Deviations is subtitled "a stylish black comedy about sex". This is only half the story; it's equally a serious piece about lies, deliberate and inadvertent. Allen O'Leary's script strikes a delicate balance of humour and tragedy and this production, from Canberra's Elbow Theatre Company, is a deeply felt human drama.

Deviations is played for the most part in short, punchy bursts of drama. The expository opening scenes are a little mawkish, but once the context and characters are established the play glows like an incandescent lightbulb; though one fitted with a dimmer switch, judging by the progressively darker hue of the text. Performances are excellent and it's hard to single out specific points of praise in such a fine ensemble. " StageLeft

"Allen O'Leary's writing is lively, his dialogues snappy and funny, and there is just enough of a sub-text, though barely articulated, to lift this play out of the quicksands of a sitcom where "deviations" are presented merely for their shock and/or entertainment value.... The play takes us from lively comedy to tragedy, leaving many questions in the air. Some of them are libertarian ones about just where personal freedom and individualism are taking us." The Age