Academic history

  1. Round 1: Bits of a BA
  2. Round 2: NZ drama School
  3. Round 3: Grad Dip in Writing, Swinburne Uni, Australia
  4. Round 4: Associate Lecturer

Round 1: Bits of a BA

Due to a ongoing love affair with acting and making theatre I never quite got around to finishing my degree. I got some great individual course results - note that you couldn’t do a degree in theatre or acting in NZ at this time.

Round 2: NZ drama School

I attended the NZ Drama School (Toi Whakari) in 1990/91. At the time the course was funded and run by the Arts Council - it was the only practical acting course in the country at this time. As such it was, despite being the defacto way to acting and theatre success at the time - not an official educational course of any kind.

Later the course was expanded to three years and made a Degree in performance.

Round 3: Grad Dip in Writing, Swinburne Uni, Australia

A graduate diploma at this time in Australia was the equivilent of an MA in England now - one year full time or two part time. I did this one over two years. It was an ungraded course.

I won the Swinburne Postgraduate Course Work award (across all schools) with my Hypertext piece, The Casino Project.

Round 4: Associate Lecturer

For around three years I made my living being an Associate Lecturer at the University of Victoria in Melbourne. I taught and supervised projects at post grad level in their Electronic Design and Interactive Media dept. I wrote and delivered some of the first ever courses in web design and animation as well as starting some new courses from scrath including a ‘Writing for Interactive Design’ course.

I also taught a couple of undergrad units in Electronic Writing back at Swinburne.