Allen O'Leary

A writer of plays and digital fictions

Short bio

Started life as an actor, after five years of that started writing plays for radio and stage as well. Started to write digital fiction in the late 90s, then made digital my day-job. Since then I continue to write plays, have written a few screenplays and now children's fiction.

And now

I want to write more children's fiction, as well as continuing to write stage plays. I have a list of ideas as long as my arm and not enough time...

Current projects Stage Plays Digital fiction Radio & screen

Current projects

London Rising

The old 'What if Germany won the war' idea, centred on a group of orphans in Walthamstow and their efforts to stop the Nazis in their tracks. Action/adventure where the kids really have to rely on their wits and each other to stay alive.

Series of linked short novels for 8-12 children's audience

The Rabbit King

Simon is tyring to run away from it all - the midlife, the business - and retreats to the small cuntry town in which he grew up, hoping things will be easier there. They turn out to be a lot more complicated.

Stage play

Things we left behind.

A 'hypothetical' play about a good midlle class London family forced to flee their home to avoid an Islamic uprising - where do they go? How long will their liberal values last them?

Stage play

Bike by bike

A life, one bicycle at a time. I guess this is what you call life writing.... Non-fiction pieces about a lifelong obsession with bikes - aiming to be something that people who are not obsessed with bikes will enjoy.

Blog series

Stage plays

My Inner Orc

Model turned actor Karl arrives in Croydon for the Lord of the Rings Convention with nothing but dreams of making it big and a 'she'll be right' attitude.

Play - Comedy - Pleasance Theatre London, 2010

Fond Love and Kisses

They left as boys and came back old before their time, but did the society they were fighting for care? Based on the real story of 5000 men who returned to NZ on furlough during WWII in 1943. Only 800 went back and 700 were prosecuted and discharged for desertion.

Downstage Theatre, NZ, 2003

NZ Drama School, 2005


A black comedy of sexual manners, and lying about having cancer.

Lamama Theatre, Melbourne, 2000

The Curong Theatre, Canberra, 2000

The Vampyre Dances

Everything is up for grabs in the fledgling colony when a Vampire turns up in NZ a few days before the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. An epic satire about land rights, art... and golf.

Circa Theatre, New Zealand, 1996


A thread

A Thread is a short piece exploring the transit of a relationship.

Winner of the Country Road cyberwriting competition, 2000

The Casino Project

A large hypertext/interactive piece about a man getting lost - in many ways - in what was then the new Melbourne Casino.

Hyper Fiction, 1998.
Winner Swinburne Uni Post Graduate Coursework Award

Self Intra Network (SIN)

This was my first hybrid hypertext/critical essay. It's about the notion of self under the sign of the network as we would say back in those days.



Ride on Time

A comedy about the world's oldest bicycle courier riding on the hottest day of the year - and given the job of getting some semen across town for an impatient lesbian couple...

60 minute radio comedy

RadioNZ 2000, 2005

Canadian Broadcast Corporation, 2000

Taking a Bath

Dyslexia, Albert Camus and a fight over who gets custody of the bath...

12 minute 35mm short film, 1994, shown Auckland and Wellington Film Festivals


Two flatmates decide to write a thriller set in the small fishing village of Ngawi together. Only time, a lack of sleep and talent and a excess of lust stand in their way...

60 minute radio comedy commissioned by RNZ, 1995