Prose and poetry

I only recently (well 2o12ish) started to think about writing fiction, but I have written poetry for, well, forever.

Here are a few works from the back catalogue that are unlikely to be published by anyone but me!

Direction of Travel

This one is about the slow chaos that was covid. About not being able to travel 'home', still being allowed to travel 'close to home' and then the free and open periods during the pandemic when travel (in the UK) was a welcome relief from the tedium of staying local all the time and working from home.

This is both an audio piece and a sequence of poetry.

Coming June 2024

A taxonomy of Darkness

After writing 'The Light' below, which is narrative and romantic, I wanted to write something about the quality of the world. Approaching it from the opposite of light seemed like a good idea, and using a formal mechnaism (at least to start) of taxonomy provided the tructure of the enquiry.



Life, one bicycle at a time.

Balance is an autobicyclography. I write about life from the perspective of each of the 35 or so bikes that I have owned.

It's tour of types of cycling, from racing, to being a courier, to touring and mountain biking as well as a tour of the differing perspectives and ways of experiencing the world that riding gives you.

It's also what you would call life writing.

70k words.

The Light

This is a poetry collection from 2018 about having to return to NZ very quickly for a funeral - about the displacement, about identity, about family, love and ageing.

Early internet designs

A gallery page of some late 90s and 2000s style webdesigns that either I did or was involved in the creation of.

Mobile and the demise of flash pretty much killed my interest in web design per se.